Dance has always been a passion in my life which started from a young age; taking part in shows and taking exam grades in Modern/Jazz and Tap.  This came to a close whilst I had my three children.  I wanted to return to some sort of exercise which had an element of dance or performance and at the age of 29, unfit and a lot larger I discovered a local class in my village that taught pole fitness and decided to give it a try accompanied by a friend for security!

From that first lesson I was hooked; all my anxieties and worries about my body shape paled into insignificance.  The encouragement from my instructor and fellow ‘pollers’ was wonderful and my enthusiasm grew instantly and before I knew it the lesson had sadly ended.   I had found the perfect fitness class for me; the dance, gymnastic, challenge and strength elements all suited my particular skills and improved my fitness from day one.

It was not soon after my pole discovery that I cheekily asked if there was an opening for instructor training.  To my amazement and joy there was and I readily accepted this new challenge.  It was fantastic for me that my instructor had seen in me my determination, commitment, skills and the love of what I was doing to offer me this chance.  My weekly training helped me on my way to becoming an instructor; I would watch intently my instructor’s expertise and observations gave me knowledge and understanding of bodies and how to appropriately support and assist the ‘pollers’ with their moves and lifts.   I have been able to bring choreography and gymnastic ideas from my dancing days which has been enthusiastically received.  You already know the end of this part of my particular story as I passed the instructors examination and qualified.

Once you get to know me you will discover that the great thing about pole fitness is the laughter; I laugh and have fun and so do all of my ‘pollers’.  I welcome feedback and laughter always features heavily which pleases me enormously as this is the focus of my lesson planning - having fun.  For me, teaching, is a wonderful way of getting to know people, helping them with their fitness and watching them succeed with their own personal goals.  I meet fantastic people every week, we have a good time together, learn new moves, create trust and increase confidence.  I enjoy teaching and coaching and hope all my ‘pollers’ will have new skills for life.

If you have never met me before I am usually covered in liquid chalk!  If you have not ventured into pole fitness before, liquid chalk is for hands to help provide grip and is vital if you have moist hands (I do). The good news is that I have invested in silicone poles which do not require the use of chalk because of its special coating giving a superior grip and allows the ‘pollers’ to wear more clothing.  I still have however, a couple of chrome poles that may need grip enhancers and works best wearing shorts.

For information and interest I suffered carpal tunnel syndrome to both hands requiring steroid injections leading to surgery on both hands.  I had 9 months away from polling for recovery and I am pleased that my own strength training is making progress.  I want to assure you that carpal tunnel syndrome was not as a result of polling but something I developed during pregnancy some years previously.

I had taught for over a year prior to my hand surgery and now that my recovery is nearing completion the time was right for me to branch out and develop my own business.  This is an exciting time and I have enjoyed the planning of this new venture.  I want to thank my own instructors from a neighbouring school who encouraged, supported and believed in me.  I also must give thanks to my friend Pauline who without her I would never have attended my very first fitness pole lesson.

Finally, thank you for checking out my website, I hope you are intrigued enough to try a class. Everyone is welcome and will have fun no matter what your strength, fitness, or dance ability is.  Call or use the online Contact Us to ask any questions. To sign up for a class, use the Booking Form and I promise you won’t regret it!

Hope to see you soon!

Shelly Cainey
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